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When science meets art.

The Alpha was designed to deliver a full-body, ultra-efficient workout for users of all ages and experience levels while maximizing space efficiency. The guided sled helps to ensure a fluid motion for both upper and lower body exercises.

Who Uses the Alpha?

From athletes to busy professionals and parents, the Alpha’s platform-driven system is uncomplicated and straight-forward, catering to those looking to optimize their time commitment while still achieving a highly-effective, full-body workout in just minutes per week.

The Alpha Exercise List:

Leg Press

Chest Press

Calf Raise

Torso Flexion

Torso Extension


More tech and more flexibility.

The Omni takes what 10+ machines used to do and combines them into one, easy-to-use package. The Omni was designed to allow users to customize their workouts via a variety of handles and attachments that can be connected to its cable-driven system.

Who Uses the Omni?

The Omni is the perfect blend of form and function for the novice or the experienced exerciser.

With over 16 exercises available in this one machine, the Omni is the perfect option for a busy lifetsyle.


Belt Squat


Romanian Deadlift

Calf Raise



Overhead Press
High Pull

Horizontal Press

Decline Press

Incline Press

Pec Fly

Triceps Pressdown

Biceps Curl

Hamstring Curl