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HIFEM Services

HIFEM SCULPT (e.m. sculpt)

HIFEM stands for high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology.

HIFEM uses a powerful but harmless form of electromagnetic stimulation to contract the muscles in a targeted area. These magnetic fields create electrical currents, which are passed to the muscles. When these magnetic pulses are fast enough, they force the muscles to contract, much like they do during times of strenuous exercise. Therefore, when the muscles contract enough times, they begin to build muscles and burn fat. Our HIFEM unit can also improve the pelvic floor’s muscle strength and is FDA-approved to treat urinary incontinence in both men and women and will help prevent pelvic prolapse issues. Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) doesn’t get talked about much. One reason is that women often feel shame or confusion about the condition or its treatments. POP happens when one or more pelvic organs (the vagina, uterus, bladder, urethra, small intestine, and rectum) drop from their normal position. It’s caused by a weak pelvic floor, the collection of muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues that hold these organs in place. POP affects 1 in 4 women in their 40s and 1 in 3 in their 60s. By the time women reach their 80s, POP affects half of all women.

Electromagnetic sculpt neo is a non-invasive treatment that simultaneously combines Radiofrequency heating and the HIFEM procedure to reduce fat and build muscle. The treatment helps eliminate and remove fat from the body while also causing muscle growth through super maximal involuntary muscle contractions. Clinical studies have shown an average of 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% increase in muscle thickness with electromagnetic sculpt neo.

These HIFEM treatments can be stacked with other treatments like a redlight facial and pemf.

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Power Plate


The lymphatic system consists of a complex network of vessels, nodes and lymph and is linked to the immune system. The lymph is a type of liquid that flows through the lymphatic vessels scavenging pathogens and bacteria in the body and taking them to the lymph nodes for destruction. Unfortunately, it lacks its own pumping mechanism, so it relies heavily on the proper functioning of other organs and tissues. Jumping up and down or bouncing on a mini trampoline will pump the lymphatic system but using a power plate is far more efficient. Due to unhealthy eating, lack of physical activity and harmful lifestyle habits, the amount of toxins and pathogens in the lymphatic system may increase to unhealthy levels. This, in its turn, may clog up the lymphatic system and lead to a number of pathological conditions, such as IBS, weak immunity, multiple sclerosis, obesity, and even cancer.

Whole body vibration activates 95% of the muscles in the entire body, creating a full-body circulation and lymphatic flow. This vibration therapy is better than massage because it uses the body's natural muscle movement to ensure full-body lymphatic drainage.

With power plate you can also: Burn Fat Quicker, Tighten Skin, Increase Strength, Increase Circulation, Improve Core Strength, Activate More Muscles, Improve Flexibility, Improve Bone Strength. While using our power plate you can enjoy the benefits of our JOOVV red light therapy in a stacked treatment.

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PEMF Services


Pulsated electromagnetic field therapy is magnetism.

It is a therapeutic system for pain management and the recovery from sports injuries, lower back pain, muscle aches and pains, headaches, nervous tension and stress, improved immune system high blood pressure and degenerative conditions related to aging. PEMF delivers a series of pulsating magnetic frequencies into the client which dynamically interacts with cellular metabolism in order to produce a wide range of healing benefits. Those healing benefits to the body are increased ATP production, normalization of cellular membrane potentials, increased oxygenation of tissues and improved removal of toxins from the cells. Essentially, anyone at any age group, any level of wellness or fitness can use this technology. Everyone can and will benefit from PEMF treatments while experiencing no negative side effects. If you have heard about “grounding” that is connecting to the 7.83mhz frequency of the earth.

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Cold Plunge


Benefits of cold water immersion therapy include:

Recovery and Performance.

Sports medicine has utilized cold water therapy for years, to help the active recovery of your muscles.

Pain Relief.

The boost in norepiniphrine you'll get from consistant ice baths has been shown to be up to 5x. This neurotransmitter can dramatically reduce inflmamation and help with chronic pain.

Stress Relief.

Cold water therapy has been shown to be an effective supplemental treatment for stress relief by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol.

Increased Mood.

Increases your baseline dopamine. Dopamine is the molecule in our brain and body that is linked to motivation.

Immune Support.

Being immersed in cold water stimulates leukocytes, the white blood cells that help fight off sicknesses. It also causes the lymphatic system to contract, forcing fluid through the lymph nodes. This process aids in detoxing the body and strengthening your immune system.

Better Sleep.

When you begin to control your response to stress, you’ll likely find that you begin to control your relaxation and sleep.

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Red Light Therapy


Red and Near-Infrared light therapy is safe and natural, which enables it to be offered as an alternative treatment for various health conditions like muscle pain, joint stiffness, arthritis, detoxification, chronic pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, relaxation, improved circulation, weight loss, skin purification, wrinkle reduction, lowered side effects of diabetes, boosting the immune system, and lowering blood pressure.

It’s incredible and almost unbelievable, but using red and near-infrared light therapy can help the body and has many benefits.

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